Top 8 Responsive WordPress Dropdown Menu Plugins

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You don’t need to rearrange the code or anything to create an untrusted menu for your website’s page. You see, the menu does a lot of things to get things done online. It redirects people to a particular page to help users see what they are seeing.

Don’t worry, all the chosen plugins are fully responsive and bug-free. What’s more, they are completely free! But you can take advantage of the premium version if you want to get the most out of the plugin’s features and functionalities. Despite this, you will still enjoy the free version, especially if you are just starting to build your website.

So, what can we expect with plugins sharing with you?

First of all, they are well filled with features that you can never find anywhere else, or if you do, you will definitely need to pay more.

This dropdown menu plugin has icons to attract the attention of your website visitors.

You can modify your existing menu using this Max Mega Menu plugin. It has a theme editor and enhances the behavior of each menu.  It helps your visitors and helps them navigate freely. You, as an administrator, have complete control over the settings, and you can design it based on your taste.

This plugin is accessible and user friendly. It has features not only for desktop users, but also for mobile users. Your visitors only need a few clicks, and they are ready to go anywhere on your website.It works differently on mobile, so we are going to show some of the features involved. It has a mobile toggle bar which enables you to stitch the toggle bar to harmonize with the design of your website.

Use the responsive menu to reveal your menu from the right side of the screen!

It has an easy-to-use interface without learning anything about code. What’s more, you can see the plugin first to see how it actually works. Its core functionalities include RTL support, WPML / Polylang support, and many more functions.

You can change the border color, text and background design. In addition, you can change the font size and text alignment to your liking. With this plugin, it enables you to add or select custom HTML components, upload logos, organize buttons at the top or allow to scroll across the page.If you want to get more features, you can opt with the advanced or premium version of this plugin. Its functionality includes previewing changes you’ve made, 15 additional buttons for animation effects, an integrated header bar, and more.

Quad Menu is an ideal dropdown menu plugin for a wide variety of styles.

What you will like about this WordPress dropdown menu plugin is that you can create multiple types of menus in a single tool. This allows you to create your site’s mega menu, tab menu and carousel menu – any style you want. One more thing, it is mobile friendly and fully responsive so that all types of users get the maximum benefit from it. It fits all screen sizes, and people can navigate it easily.

When it comes to the layout of the menu, you have the option to create a horizontal or vertical menu on both desktop and mobile. Also, one thing that helps it stand out is drag and drop functionality. With this feature, you can easily modify and customize the menu layout. You can add new elements, columns or widgets, whatever you like.In the premium version of this plugin, it has a customizer dashboard that allows you to tweak all color schemes and layouts. You can also see the changes immediately.

Become a minimalist using the Groovy menu plugin!

This WordPress dropdown menu plugin is free which is well loaded with features and functionalities. This helps you add multiple menus to your page and let users navigate your website independently. It is also easy to customize. All you have to do is upload the logo and choose your colors, fonts, and sizes. The choice is up to you.

Features include 1 desktop logo, 1 mobile logo, 2 hover types, preview mode,

GDPR compliance, smooth scrolling, multi-level menu support, WPML-ready, RTL support, mobile menu, full-width mega menu, WooCommerce mega menu, Huh.

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