Top 7 Responsive WordPress Electronic Signature Plugins

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For example, instead of having others take separate documents on your hand to sign a contract or form, you simply show them your phone and allow them to write their signature on the screen spontaneously. Therefore it is necessary to include WordPress electronic signature plugins on your website.

Another reason for the need for this type of plugin is to provide a secure transaction with others to prevent legal problems. We have researched and curb some of them to help you on your online business journey. You do not have to go through many websites with advertisements and affiliate links, only to find some small items that run poorly on your website.

We will list 10 of them, and the choice is yours. Read further and see what works best for your online presence.

Sign an important document using this electronic signature plugin!

The backend editor of this plugin is with WordPress, the only real electronic signature is on the SwiftCloud server, which includes your logo and colors. After users sign, the page will redirect to your WordPress website. The reason their server is signed is to ensure intent and integrity, but the identity is yours because of your logo.

First, its electronic signature is legal. It is stamped in time, including a court enforcement mark. If you want to get access to more features, you can upgrade your account to premium. Furthermore, it has a simple interface where the input form and electronic signature are together on a page.The benefit of being an independent third party takes into account your signed documents. If you keep your signed docs without legal validity, it may be legally preferable.

Gravity form signature add-on is a great way to sign contracts with customers or customersBefore installing it,

you need to install the other three plugins – stand alone document, WP e-signature, and Gravity Form. Electronic signature is required for legal documentation, especially if you are running a business. There are a few factors you need to consider before choosing a plugin that can be used for your website.

The process of submitting digital signatures should be based on the laws and regulations of the legal industry so that future conflicts can be avoided. Most importantly, the developers strictly follow the ESIGN and UEATA guidelines. Therefore it assures you that it is not the same as typical WordPress electronic signature plugins.

Most of these specific plugins only convert signature information to PNG that you can store on your data.

It is completely in contact with an intruder and can damage the identity of your customers. So, Gravity Forms Signature Add-on works best for your website.

Try this electronic signature plugin and sign those contracts immediately!

With this Cognito, you can create powerful online forms to enhance the activities of your website. One of its premium features includes electronic signatures where it collects contracts signed by your customers on any device. You can try this plugin for free, or choose one with Pro, Team and Enterprise plans. It starts at $ 10 to $ 99 to get the most out of its features and functions.

Typical signatures of a contract include the physical presence of two persons, documents and cuttings. However, this e-signature plugin requires only one tool. Your customers can sign the paper immediately before purchasing a product or service.This form is hassle free to use. After the client signs the document, you both receive the written agreement via a PDF form. This is to ensure that both of you have papers, if some legal issues arise.

Sign your event service agreement using this electronic signature plugin!

Having a WordPress electronic signature plugin protects your and your customer’s identity and documents. This is important, especially if you need to take some legal action complained by some of your retaliatory customers. You definitely do not want to do this. It complies with the strict rules and regulations of all electronic document industry.

The team that created this WordPress form plugin ensured that it followed the UETA / ESGN rules. When you need some legal assistance in the future.

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