Top 10 Lightweight and Easy to Use WordPress YouTube Plugins

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YouTube is the most popular video streaming online. If you use YouTube plugin then it will be a very good benefit for your website. More than that, it attracts the attention of your visitors and lets them stay on your site for extended periods. Most of the time, using informational videos will be more useful for the majority of readers than using blog posts alone.

With the following plugins,

we want to assure you that we are providing a list of 5-star rated items to give you a more dynamic experience. They are all lightweight and easy to use. Most importantly, they are free. You do not need to pay any single money to get your favorite WordPress YouTube plugins.

Embed Plus for YouTube

Embed Plus for YouTube can be used to embed livestreams, galleries, channels and videos
You can manage your YouTube live stream, YouTube gallery and YouTube on your WordPress dashboard using this plugin. It is well loaded with features that help you in the improvement of your website. It is also compatible with the Gutenberg blog editor, in which it shows your YouTube wizard button.

If you want to enable the block editor list, click the plus (+) sign that is subject to the Gutenberg block selector. Be sure to choose the “YouTube Wizard” menu, where you can find it under the “Embeds” category.

The plugin also comes with a customizable GDPR consent message for user privacy and consent.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy its features for displaying your multimedia files from YouTube. On the settings, you can create a grid-based responsive playlist. With this functionality, it will be convenient for your visitors to choose videos from the gallery.

Use this YouTube plugin today and start showing your videos

This video gallery plugin works best for your website if you want to show a complete list of your playlists to your audience. It is responsive and user friendly, and will definitely help increase traffic to your platform. What you will like about this is that it is not only for business-oriented pages, but it is a great help for artists who want to embed their YouTube channel on their web page.

Visual business technology is much better than advertising with words alone.

So, if you want to improve the overall appearance of your website, installing it is one way.Some important features of this plugin are video embed support, hover effects, video lightbox effects, 16 free versions of the video gallery theme and many more.

YourChannel: Everything you want in the YouTube plugin

Put everything you want into your website using this plugin
If you own a YouTube channel, there is no reason for you not to love this YouTube plugin. It comes with many functionalities that will greatly help in the overall performance of your WordPress website. With this, it is easy to link your videos to your page. Once videos let your visitors scroll through pages, it can hook them up and keep them more wanted. Which will increase your Google ranking.

To download and activate this plugin,

first you need to enter your YouTube username or channel ID. After that, it is now possible to set up your channel on your website. On the page of yourChannel settings, the displays are the default default colors for footwear in black and white, banner image of footers, playlists, uploads, single videos, total videos and views, banner image, profile picture and username.

Compile your favorite music videos using this plugin YouTube and Vimeo

This WordPress YouTube plugin supports Vimeo and YouTube Gallery. Therefore, if you need to embed videos on your website, this is an excellent option. It has the necessary functionalities where it helps your site become more efficient in improving. On the WordPress dashboard, you can input video gallery, such as YouTube Gallery, Vimeo Gallery, and Video Gallery Mix.

You can choose from 7 fresh views of the original code YouTube gallery.

Choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Rest assured, all video galleries look good and impressive. They are all functional as well. The process of creating your own video gallery is very simple.


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