Substitute Start menu tiles with the Windows 10 app list

Substitute Start menu tiles with the Windows 10 app list

The Start menu was modified and Windows 10 updated on Windows 8/8.1. The Windows 10 Start menu mostly works, and Microsoft attempted to alter it not in a disaster.

You still have tiles to rapidly start your favorite apps, and you have an applist on your system to search for and run any app. If you don’t like it yet, you can replace Start menu tiles in the app list. This is like here. This is like here.

Replace Start Menu Tiles with the app list To replace Start Menu Tiles with the app list, first remove all tiles come to the Start Menu. It’s going to be a little tedious although on Windows 10 1903 you can unpin whole tile bands.

At the very end of the group of tils, right-click’ Start’ and choose the option’ Start Unpin Group.’ It doesn’t matter whether or not a tile group has a name. Without the name, you can decode a group of tiles as well as a group.

Once all of the tiles have been unpinned, you will essentially be left with a rather big blank column. Open the Settings app and enter the Personalization Group of Settings to solve and replace it with the app list.

 Select the Start tab and activate the option’ Display application list in Start menu.’ If you next tap on your keyboard’s Windows key, you only get an app list and no tiles.

 The vacant column of the Start menu, which used to appear as the “Holding” region, for the tiles you had to attach, will not be displayed.

This app list is sorted alphabetically and you get a speed dial that enables you to jump up to a letter by clicking on the letters.

 This is a quick way to access an app starting with a certain letter and not having to manually scroll through the app list.

Please notice that once you unpin the tiles of the first menu and decide that they are not so bad, you must bring them all one by one. If you’re not sure you want the change, it is a good idea to first save the initial menu layout and then restore it rapidly.

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