Recover the security key for your Windows Wireless Network 2

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step 1

We’ll explain how to install this game in a phone. This game file is pretty big so I’m asking you to be patient while downloading.Following we will describe you how to download this game into your device’s.This game file is quite big so I ask you to have some patience while downloading into your device.
This game file is pretty big so I’m asking you to be patient while downloading.Following we will describe you how to download this game into your device’s.This game file is quite big so I ask you to have some patience while downloading into your device.

Step 2
You can import your uploaded file into a mega folder by clicking on the link below.
You will find the mega-file in your software if you don’t get a mega-file, then switch your browser apk-Open in another window and click the download link.
If you click on the below link, you can download Your file which is uploaded in a mega file. If you don’t get mega file then change your browser apk.Open in other browser then click on download link and you will able to find mega download link in your device.

 Step 3
Click on the mega file to download the game automatically. If it’s in a zip file you have to unzip it. Your file will be downloaded. If you have any doubts you can then comment freely in the comment section.
Click on the mega file and you will automatically able to download the game. your Game file will be downloaded.if it is in a zip file you must unzip it. Then you are free to use this if you have any doubts then you can comment in the comments section freely.



We are not creators of the game and the credit goes to the respective owners or companies. We only share the game with interested people. I hope this game will be like you guys..

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Recover the security key for your Windows Wireless Network

Do you know that your wireless network needs a computer and you can not find the safety key for a network. The first time Windows 7 connects to a WPA, WEP, and WPA2 secured Wi-Fi network, it remembers a network security key. As before. This enables Windows to automatically log into the WiFi network when began.To recover your network security key, you will need a laptop already connected to your Wi-Fi network. In contrast with previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 can display your network security key in plain text on a monitor.

Be cautious if the network safety key is shown in plain english when and where you use that procedure. Make sure nobody looks over your shoulder or looks on it.

Get Viewed Wireless Network Key

STEP 1) To start, on the Start menu, select Control Panel.

STEP 2) If you have selected the Category as Control Panel View, check Network and Internet.

STEP 3) In the left panel of the network and sharing center, click Managing Wireless Network.

STEP 4) You list in your Wireless Networks the way to manage wireless networks with the window. Right-click on the wireless network and select Properties from the pop-up menu, to view the network security key.

STEP 5) A dialog for the chosen network is displayed in the wireless network properties dialog. The network edit key will be displayed as dots instead of plain text by default. Select the check box to show characters so you have a check mark on the box to display your network security key.

STEP 6) To safeguard network security, select the Show character check box once you have a safety key, and there is no checkmark inside the box and you display your security key again as points. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Watch your network security key in plain text to protect your network safety once again. Only use if this procedure really is needed. When using Windows 8 or Windows 10, the method is slightly different.

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