Play MKV files on Windows Media Player

Play MKV files on Windows Media Player

It may not work if you download an MKV file, but it may not work with the previous version of Windows Media Player 10. This is because MKV files have not been supported in previous releases of Windows Media Player. There is no guarantee that you will still not encounter any issues even if you have a new version of Windows Media Player. Your file can be loaded, but only its audio is heard.
The file you’re looking for comes with the extension .wmv. It stands for Windows Media Video and it’s a video file that uses Microsoft’s ASF (Advanced Systems Format) as the basis.

So what you need to do is find a reliable converter that converts your MKV to WMV. Wondershare UniConverter can be used as a instrument.

To start just open programme and select the file you need to convert.

Move to convert all files and select  WMV as the output format for the file.

The tools for converting MKV files to WMV files are a number of. You can also choose AVS Media Converter, Handbreak and more.

Use other  Media Player has listed below

1)Windows Media Player

It’s a very good embedded program for media playback. However, other media games need to be fixed fast because your MKV file can not play.It is also an inbuilt video player and have lots of new features in it. The User Interface is very good in this videoplayer.

2)VLC Media Player

VLC is a free open-source multimedia player that can play almost any media file format. It also includes a range of tools to enhance your viewing experience. This includes a Media, Reading and Video menu. Downloading and installing the program is the first step to VLC media player. Choose your MKV file then. Right-click it and select Open with.

3)Power Media Player

You will be able to play MKV files easily from the Microsoft store. Power Media Player has a lot to gain from playing DVDs. Advanced checks like the Bookmark Viewer and the improvements to the True Theater are also provided. You can begin using the Power Media Player, like the VLC media player when it is downloaded and installed. Choose your MKV file. By right-clicking and choosing Open with your directory. Select there’s Power Media Player.

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