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How You Can Get 360 degree Photos In Your Device

How You Can Get 360 degree Photos In Your Device 

How You Can Get 360 degree Photos In Your Device

On your phone in this blog I’ll share how you can click 360 images with you. Those 360 ° photos are now very common, I’m sure you see some 360 ° Facebook photos, google maps etc. But I always wonder how the images were taken on all sides.

Well, the market has 360-grade cameras with a single click on 360-grade photos. However, it is very expensive and expensive so that only experts use it. But can I click the photos in 360 degrees when someone asks me? Yes, I’m sure a great way to afford is to click 360-degree photos on your phone with the Google LLC app. Viz view of the highway. View of the road. I already told you about the street view app in my previous blog: Great Google apps.

Steps To Get 360 degree Photos In Your Device

1) To press on the 360 degree pictures, first download the Street View application from the play shop.

2) Log in now and it’s nice when you login on to one of your Google accounts.

3) At the right hand corner of your screen tap you will be able to see a camera.

4) Tap the photography domain. Please allow for certain places and camera permissions all permissions now.

5) Now take a series of pictures pointing to the red dot in the center of the circle and circularly swinging to the end of the circle.

6) It takes two or three minutes to print different pictures together.

8) You will be notified once it is complete. Your 360 ° image is now stored on your private tab and on your phone, the Panorama folder. You can see it here, and use your phone for 360-degree images is great.

9) You can also publish it on Google Maps, allowing everyone to view 360 places in real time.

However, you can click 360 grade images rapidly the first time you have difficulty getting engaged. Tips for 360 ° images can also be obtained from the streetview app by clicking on the tips section.

On Google maps, I already clicked and posted several 360 grade photos. On Google Maps, the “Munshipulia Metro Station,” a 360 grade image is available at the bottom left corner. .

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