How to use a GPU on Windows 10 UWP applications

Either a single graphics card or a GPU and Graphics card can be used by PCs. All depends on what you buy. For a PC with a specific GPU the price is higher than for a non-pc. You will need a GPU, which can operate them readily, if you want to run games or other graphical applications. If a high-level graphics card is required for an app, it will do so automatically or Windows 10 will decide which card to use. If you need an application to use the GPU, if it is a desktop, you have the choice of forcing the application to do so with your GPU’s control panel.

The method you can use for desktop applications may not be used to force UWP apps to use the GPU. You can’t support or use your own GPU control panel to select a UWP request. However, if you’re Windows 10, you can force your OS to change.

Force UWP to use the GPU application

Open the Settings for the application and enter the Group System Settings. Select the Display tab to see the “Settings for Graphical Displays.” Open the Dropdown on the Graphics Settings screen of “Choose an app to set preferences.” To open the following downdrop under the form, select “Universal App.” You list all UWP apps installed on your system. Choose the app that you want to run and tap on  Add.

Once the application is added, select it and press’ Options.’ You can choose which card the app will operate by a pop-up. The app opens. To use the GPU for the application, select “High Performance” Click Save to open the app. You can inspect the graphics card that the app utilizes from the task manager. Open the Task Manager and search the App on the Processes tab. Choose it, see the GPU engine column.

As Windows 10 imposes the climate, it seems that the handout will take some time. Task Manager has shown it utilizes GPU 0 when I launch Minecraft for the first time during testing. The on-board GPU 1 graphicscard.

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