How to create graphics with mockup scene creator bundles

A visual creator bundle includes all the elements you need to create your graphics.  By combining backgrounds and objects together, you get good looking graphics with realistic objects and desired layouts.You can think of a visual creator bundle as a large collection of pictorial items, all photographed in a certain style to be compatible with each other. You can just drag-n-drop any of them into your project in Photoshop.

You can also adjust the colors and styles of the objects you add. For a high degree of realism, visual creators preserve the shadow of designer objects as a separate layer. These shadows will display well on any background you choose.

The popularity of visual creator kits is increasing.

They give you degrees of freedom never seen before. One kit is perfectly sufficient to create all the imagery for a given project or for a couple of them. Here are the main reasons why visual creator bundles are popular:

A scene producer does not take an expert to edit. You get a PSD file with all the items that you can open in Photoshop.  Next, select any objects and drag them to the designed locations on your canvas.
Reasons to use visual builder bundles
The source

All elements in a bundle are captured with the same view and power.

With this, you can mix elements as you wish. With limitless drag-n-drop, you will quickly create vivid looking graphics for your website.
Vivid looking graphics
All bundled elements are carefully layered and fully customizable. You can adjust color, size and shadow. Depending on your bundle, you may also be able to rotate items.

Find a bundle that meets your needs

To create good looking graphics, you need to choose a modern kit with high-quality elements. Make sure that the kit you choose is relevant to your website. Most items must fit without any additional customization. This will speed up the process of creating graphics.

Pick a realistic background texture

Visual creator bundles provide you with many ready backgrounds. Choose a bundle that incorporates realistic and high-quality background textures. Sometimes, a single color or color gradient will suffice as the background.

Choose your elements be creative

A single bundle does not contain hundreds of elements. You have become sensible to choose people who work together. Play with size and shape. Aim to achieve some contrast with the color of your elements. Two or three main colors are the rule of thumb.

Choose your elements be creative

All visual creators are bundle elements to work together. You can use elements out of the box a lot, although some styling options are often available as well.Of course, bundles often include pre-designed scenes, which do not require any effort on your part. You can use one of the pre-made items and get your graphics ready in 5 minutes or so.

The way you choose position elements

With a visual producer bundle, you get complete creative freedom. You can place elements on the canvas in various ways. If you don’t know how to place elements within a scene, use them to frame the content of your website. This is a bulletproof strategy, which allows you to pay more attention to your captions and CTAs.

Negative or white space is necessary for your graphics not to feel congested.

This makes your text readable and your graphics attractive. If parts of the visual elements exit the canvas, it is completely fine. Often, it feels more natural that way. What’s more, don’t hesitate to rotate items if necessary. Make them 100% worth the view.


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