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Pinterest is made up of unknown buttons. All the photos and videos that you see on Pinterest are called pins. Thus, for Pinterest, it is called adding a pin. When an image is introduced. For categorizing pins, Pinterest provides boards. For separation of your pins, you can create different boards, like bridal clothes, pillows, living quotes etc. Learn the difference between pins and boards.

Pinterest is our solution for all kinds of inspirational requests. Whatever the mode, quotes, travel ideas or home decor we find all kinds of incredible images on Pinterest. Sometimes we like publishing on Pinterest. But when we add our pins, we are lost. This is because Pinterest’s pin-button is difficult for beginners and frequent customers in an awkward position unlike other social applications.So you’re at the correct location if you’ve been searching for a manner to add your picture to Pinterest. Here you’ll learn how you can add your own pins, what pins and comparable stuff are endorsed. Let’s move now.

With the exception of photos, you can upload the videos and the GIFs in Pinterest. The requirements for image-to-GIF pin vary..


Step 1: Tap on the Saved tab at the bottom of the Pinterest app on the plus sign in the top

Step 2: From the menu, select Pin. To first generate a board, you can tap on board. But, as it can be achieved later, this is not essential.

Step 3: On your device you can see photos from the selected folder. Tap Picture, tap Subsequently. Please, please. Please. Tap the file name at the top if you want to change the file. And you can use the camera icon if you want to add a new image.

Step 4: Give a name to your pin and write a description. You can also add a destination page
Step 5: Tap Create a fresh board to create it. Give it a nice name so it’s easy to identify. The government boards are by default. Everyone will therefore see anything you contribute to them. Enable the toggle to keep the board confidential in order to keep it private. You can add even employees. This is helpful for brands that need more individuals to handle their Pinterest boards. To save the pin on this board, tap Create.


Step 1: Open the webpage of the Pinterest and click the icon at the bottom correct corner. Select Create a pin.

Step 2: Drag and drop the picture at the desired location on the pin builders screen or press it to upload.

Step 3: Specify the title in the given boxes. Click on the box next to’ Save’ to select and create a new board.


Instead of entering the URL manually, you can produce a pin from any website using the browser buttons. All you have to do is press the button and load all the images for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge that you can see on the particular page. Press Save and click on the image.

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