Boot from the Windows 10 Troubleshoot menu

If Windows 10 doesn’t start many times in a row, then you will eventually be taken to the Troubleshoot menu where you can find several options / tools to fix the problem.

You can use the settings app, which can be used under Recovery decisions, if you are located on your desktop. If you want to boot in the troubleshooting menu and don’t boot without booting in the Settings app. It is actually a question of taping the right button at the right time.

The Troubleshoot menu has several techniques to boot, but if you can not get onto the desktop, we will use methods that you may apply.

The Troubleshoot menu may not be accessed. You can access your desktop menu readily, but from a clean / new boot it’s not that easy.

When starting the troubleshoot menu, switch to your PC, press the F11 button, first and easiest way to book it is by pressing the F11 button.

Tap it over and over again and immediately start doing so. If your system starts quickly, you can attempt to boot in the problem shooting menu.

If the F11 key does not work, try F8 or Shift+F8. It may or may not function, but it’s worth trying if the F11 key doesn’t work.

Media installation Media for Windows 10, i.e. Media installation USB can be used for Windows 10 problems as well.

The truth is, if you can’t boot to your laptop, get your hands on media. You need to use another system, but when you have access to it.

it is easy to build installation media. It is available from the Microsoft website for free download. There is no need for a license key.

Connect the USB and ensure the USB boots the device. You can install Windows 10 or fix problems on the install media with your current setup.

his method operates if all else fails. Turn the system and force it to close by holding down the power button before the desktop can boot.

Repeat three to five times at least and the troubleshoot menu will eventually be found. This method should not have any side effects or damage files on your system.

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