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Best 11 Features Of Google Chrome You Must Give A Try

Best 11 Features Of Google Chrome You Must Give A Try

1) elgooG

Type elgooG into the search box on your website and press “I’m glad” or click “I’m pleased” you’ll find all the interesting picture of the real one! The images include Google Mirror, Google Terminals, Gravitational, Submarine, T-Rex, PacMan, Guitar and Snake. There are also many icons available on your screen. To see the options, click on them and press both sides of the side arrows.

2)Google Gravity

You can now search Google for gravity. Open Google Chrome on your browser or laptop. Type now: in your search area “Google Gravity,” and then click “I’m pleased”.

3)Google Tools

You can now find the down arrow button here in the results above where you open a spinner just below the spinner. You must now be presented with two tab locations: Tick a Snake Earth Day Quiz Pacman Spin a Dreidel Tools: Try some of the following choices Flip a Coins Picker Metronome Roll A Die calculator meditation:

4)Blink HTML

With the HTML keyword you can now blink the search findings. Open your browser or laptop on Google Chrome. Type now: “Html blink,” and “Html” will blink in the searchable consequence.

5)Accessing File

You can now access your files and folders from your mobile Chrome browser. Just go to the address bar and type in the Google Chrome address: Chrome:/sdcard. OR Open Google Chrome in the desktop address bar, type “File:/C:/” to access ‘C.’ Also access other drives on a computer is also possible. OR Google Open Chrome

6)Fidget Spinner

Google Chrome fidget spinner is now available. Open Google Chrome on your phone or laptop. Now type:’ Spinner’ and in the first result you see the spinner and slide the slider directly down to the fidget rotator at the top of the spinner.

7)Dino Games

Everyone knows how the Chrome Dino game is and can play on your phone or computer when you disconnect the internet. But you don’t have to close your internet while you’re on the desktop. Just enter “Chromium:/Dino” and play the Internet pokemon match in the chromium adressbar.

8)Chrome Flag

Chrome flags can only be accessed by type in the “Chrome:/flags” adress bar. A list of options is shown. Depending on your needs, you can activate and disable all these flags. To achieve advanced features, you can use chrome flags. Some banners are particular to your desktop, which means you operate on Android.

9)Shutdown Any Computer

You can prevent any laptop on your Internet, but in the Open cmd network, you should understand your IP adress: logo key + r=>cmd form and form: shutdown /i

10)Edit Any Website

Using this trick, you can change any website and play on the desktop or laptop with that site.

11)Bypass Update and Shutdown
It happens often when you wish to shut down the computer and update it and it takes a lot of time to shut down. Click the Ctrl+Alt+Del power option and choose the lower shutdown.