9 most accurate WordPress visitor counter plugins

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Are you thinking of adding a visitor counter to your website to display the number of active users on your home page? If yes, then you found the right place. You do not need to go to hundreds of plugins online before you can select the right one for your site. We did some reviews and curated each of them to see the features and functionalities. Of course, the thing you should keep in mind before downloading or purchasing WordPress visitor counter plugins is accountability. In addition, it should be up-to-date, and visitor numbers are accurate. Having this plugin on your website increases its credibility. You see, the more people visit your page, the more people are curious about what your site offers.

Visitor counter plugin

Visitor Counter is a minimal plugin for counting visits to your website.
It counts current visitors properly and displays on your home page or any section on your website. You can change the title to the caption you want. In addition, you can also customize your background and text colors to complement the layout of your site.

The risk of using this visitor counter is that it is simple with hassle-free navigation.

This simply means that you do not need to know about coding skills or hire a developer for your website. It supports the latest WordPress version, so you can set it up without any problems.

With this new plugin, you can display it using widgets or short-codes. What’s more, installation and activation are seamless. In the WordPress admin dashboard section, click on the plugin and hover over the ‘Add new’ menu. Just click on the install button, and you can activate it later.

One of the best features of this template is the visitor counter for the day, month and year.

This will display the traffic status of your website. Having this type of plugin increases its reliability. You don’t need to tell them in your blog that you have hundreds or thousands of visitors each day. This add will do that work for you.

This plugin is different from other counter plugins. It displays not only current visitors, but also users from the previous day or the whole month. It is up to you what data you can include in your display. Rest assured, this plugin count is correct.This is useful not only for your audience but also for yourself. As more visitors see the increasing number of traffic, they want what you can offer for them.

If you want to get an in-depth look at the analytics of your site, download this plugin!

If you want a more advanced visitor counter, you may want to go for this plugin. It comes with more features and functionalities with simple steps for configuration. To opt out of this you can opt for the premium version. But if you feel that your needs are met for free, then there is no need to upgrade.

You have the option to show visit counters in different layouts. You can also display it on the front end of the website, at the bottom of the content, above the content, or you can use the shortcode to create it on your page. In addition to the number of visitors, it reads data to show top visitors by browser, top visitors by operating system, top 10 articles, and more.

The performance includes intelligent country reports, monthly reports, weekly reports,

top referrers and the latest trend for the week. In addition, you can customize the section of the widget or visitor counter.This free visitor counter plugin allows you to display to all your live users who are currently on your website. It is basic and lightweight, so it has no other complex features. This is simply its primary purpose – to read data on the number of visitors to your page. In addition, it comes with a unique and beautiful layout to add color to your site.

Since it is simple and basic, it essentially runs fast and smoothly.

It also has a dark mode for better viewing and reducing eye strain. This plugin displays the number of current visitors, live visitors and total visitors. You can also transfer your number from previous counters. For better website performance, this is a must.

This page visitor counter plugin has various types of analytics on your website.

With this WordPress visitor counter plugin, you can display the number of your visitors under all the pages of your site. In this way, people can see the visitor counting on each one of them. If not, you can remove the check on the checkbox on the Settings menu.

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