8 top-of-the-line WordPress SSL plugins

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SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is required to secure the server in any online transaction from user and web server such as online banking application or online store. Before coming up with the best SSL plugin, you need to make sure that it has complete features and functionalities to maintain the security of the data coming to your website. Below are some top-of-line WordPress SSL plugins that you can use to secure your website.

Honestly, you will find hundreds of options in the market,

but it is difficult to choose the one that best suits your site. If so, you can find WordPress SSL plugins in this article. Each has its own unique features to help with its purpose – to assure users about their information security.

Having an SSL plugin is one of the most important factors to the success of your website, especially if you are running an online business. Without this, visitors cannot trust your page. Thankfully, you can have some WordPress SSL plugins for free.

Really simple ssl

Important requirement before you can install a really simple SSL SSL certificate. You can get them from SSL certificate providers. In addition, you can activate it in one click. Be sure to back up files before you leave. It is light and easy to use from the title itself. Therefore, you will have more time for other things to edit your website.

The free version can give you the things you need to secure your website.

However, you can support developers by purchasing premium. Of course, it has additional features and functionalities that will be useful to you. For example, it enables you to apply HTTP Struct Transport Security. It also allows you to configure your site for the HSTS preload list.

In addition, the premium version notifies your email when your SSL certificate is about to expire. It comes with additional security with its advanced security headers and more features.

WP LetsEncrypt

The great thing about this plugin is that it generates an SSL certificate. It quickly verifies your HTTP domain and installation and setting up is hassle free. If you run WordPress without cPanel on a particular VPS / dedicated server, one more thing, you can generate a certificate file and install it on your Apache or nginx on your server. If this sound is too technical for you, the developer team can help you if you choose with the premium version.

The free version has perks.

However, the Pro version has more advanced features. Once your SSL certificate is about to expire, this WordPress SSL plugin automatically renews every 90 days. It also has automatic DNS verification and wildcard SSL support. Finally, keeping your website secure increases Google rankings and makes it more visible to potential leads.

This SSL plugin provides a lot of security for your web page.

SSL is an important factor in the success of your website. Thankfully, with this WP Force plugin, you can protect more sites to give your visitors peace of mind. It does many things to avoid intruders and hackers. In addition, it prevents viruses and other harmful data. Having SSL protects your site from cookie hijacking and downgrade attacks.

It redirects HTTP traffic to HTTPS for greater security. Of course, you have to get SSL certificate before doing anything else. After activation, you can test the certificate, and you are ready to go.This plugin comes with SSL certificate testing tool to see if it is up to date or valid. Just click the “Test SSL Certificate” button, and it will tell you its current status. Enabling SSL adds to the reliability of the website.

Using this plugin, you can create your SSL certificate to secure your website.

After installation, you can redirect HTTP to HTTPS web-traffic to this HTTP Zen. When you can get HTTPS or Padlock at the top of the URL bar.

You can get free SSL certificates at Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit global certificate authority. Truth be told, setting an SSL certificate on your website is not as easy as it seems. It would help if you did some configuration and other activities to finally enable HTTPS. This plugin helps you to do it in simple steps. This will work for you.With its premium version, it renews free SSL when it is about to expire. It also automatically generates SSL certificates and certifies domain ownership.


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