8 Best WordPress Criminalistic Themes for Creating an Attractive Website

With its aesthetic appeal, bold asymmetry and high user engagement, toughness has emerged as one of the important web design trends. It was started by independent designers in 2014 as a website to create websites that are not overly polished and fun to browse. As of 2020, toughness in web design has its own aesthetics and distinctive components, such as:

Currently, many websites are more “cruel”.

The aim is for users to browse the site for a long time, giving them engaging imagery, animation and elements. You can display the brutality on the websites of web design and development agencies and other creative businesses. In other cases, you can use the Cruelty subtitles, which I suggest for commercial and corporate websites.If you want to create a modern website that is authentic and fun, then it is a great match to browse! If you are new to creating sites, make sure you check out our step-by-step guide on creating websites.

Yoha – Fashion Ultra Minimalist WordPress Theme

Yoha is a photographer WordPress theme that showcases toughness and breathtaking image to create a cutting-edge web presence. Yoha uses overlapping designs and bold animated typography to make your website a fun place to browse.  You also get a bonus pack of 15+ high-res pictures.

Spektive is a fascinating and adventurous theme for web design and development agencies,

software providers and other web businesses. It uses custom animated content design elements to create a bright and memorable brutal website. At the same time, Spektive designs ensure maximum browsing convenience and engagement of users. You can install this WordPress cruel theme in few clicks and edit it visually with element builder. The specitive template is also fully responsive, attractive, and attractive on mobile.

Event Company –

Innovative Template for Event Management Website WordPress Theme
The Events Company is a user-friendly brutalist event agency template, which looks attractive thanks to attractive color combinations, animated grids, bold sans-serif fonts, and more. This template would be an excellent match for an event agency specializing in everything from festivals to exhibitions. The event company theme includes the ability for seamless customization with Element and 50+ Ready-Made Jet content modules. Of course, this WordPress cynical theme is SEO friendly, well documented, and supported around the clock.

The purpose of this template is to present your professional and personal skills the way you speak.

It uses some subtle brutal elements to create an extra-modern look. The Jane Watson CV Template allows you to create content without any coding with Element Builder. You can also adjust content display options and tons of styles. With the JetElements plugin, you can also access 50+ pre-made content blocks for various purposes.

This template mixed in some elements of toughness for a more compelling form of confidence.

BusUp attracts users with well thought out font options, hand-drawn elements, an extra-large hero image, fun multi-column layout, etc. Any coding you need to know to work with BusUp Is not. The theme comes with a builder (elementer) on the board, which allows each rogue to seamlessly customize the content and layout.

Make a bold announcement of your IT technology program or a concert with DesignCamp WordPress ruthless theme.

This theme is stylish and attractive with dark backgrounds, extra-large captions, geometric elements, cool content animation and more. With this theme, you will have the chance to use pre-made content blocks to showcase your event and venue. The DesignCamp theme simplifies its brutal event website.


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