5 Best Free WordPress iFrame Plugins

An iFrame is an essential HTML document that you can find on another website. Its use includes insertion of advertisements into a page. It embeds your post, widget and any other external web page on the page. To make this possible, you need to cut a section of some page to replace the frames with external content. In this article, you will find the top WordPress iFrame plugins with high WordPress and are compatible with the latest WordPress versions. Most of the items we show you are free and downloadable.

The truth is that WordPress removes and disables iFrame HTML to prevent hackers from entering your page.

If you need to embed files from Twitter, Facebook or other websites, the following items may be the most ideal option for your website. You do not need to search any further. We will be searching and curating to save you trouble.

Embed pictures, videos on your sidebar etc. using this iFrame Plugin

With this plugin, you can embed content from other websites, such as Vimeo, Google Maps, Youtube and other pages.  The thing is that you cannot convert or embed HTTPS in HTTP pages or other ways around. Therefore you must match the parent and embedded page. This iframe has several parameters – src, width, height, height, scrolling, frameborder, margin, margin, allowance, id, class, style, same_white_ass, any_other_param, and anyother_empty_param.

The installation process is super easy. You just have to install it directly from your WordPress settings menu page or dashboard. After activating, you can add the shortcode [iframe src = “YOUTUBELINK” width = “100%” height = “500 to] to your post content. If you have any problems with the installation, you can always contact customer support You can always edit the iframe parameters on the edit page on your dashboard.

Advance iFrame can be used to embed your site’s gallery

This advance iFrame enables you to customize the elements and parameters of the iFrame. You have the option of showing a part of an iframe or embedding content directly on your page. By using this plugin it is possible to include many external web pages on your article or blog section. For this to happen, just enter the ‘[advanced_iframe]’ shortcode. This WordPress iFrame plugin is well loaded with features and functionalities. One of its important factors is the security code, which allows you to include shortcodes only if permitted by administration. You can give the iframe more space by hiding layout areas. Also, if the iFrame is on the same domain, you can display particular areas on the page.

It is also possible to modify or edit the width of the content area.

What’s more in the original page, it allows you to add CSS and js file. These features are available in the free version. If you want to get the most out of its functionality, you can upgrade this plugin to Premium. It comes with expert configuration mode, integrated jQuery help, shortcode generator, browser-dependent iframes, accordion admin menu and more.

With the original page and page you want to add on the same domain, you can check for possible features used on your iFrame.

For example, you can convert link targets that you can find in iFrame. It also supports auto-resizing of hidden iFrames. With version 6.0, auto-zoom is available. On the other hand, new 6.4, you can add the latest URL and return to the original page. You can customize, edit and forward parameters in iFrame. However, note that modifications are required inside the iFrame if you use a workaround with details of the setting or when you are on the same domain.

One of the perks of this iframe is its simplicity.

You can quickly insert iframes in a block editor. In the embed category, you can insert an iframe block. In addition, it allows you to include external or internal URLs inside simple iframe blocks using only drag-and-drop buttons. You can embed URLs from various websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more. Installing this iFrame is really simple. You can find it directly on the Settings menu in WordPress.

After finding this plugin, you can install it and activate it to use immediately.

On the dashboard page, you can find the block you are going to place on your iframe. If not, you can drag-and-drop the URL on the provided block. When you are finished entering the URL, you can edit the width and height of the block. This plugin is ideal if you are searching for a simple iFrame that you can add to your page or article section.


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