10 Use IDX Plugins to Secure Your Website

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Real estate agents are struggling when it comes to finding the right client and selling their property. This is why most real estate agencies turn to digital marketing as a solution. The ability to search for assets is done through an IDX or Internet data exchange. It is an industry-standard that allows brokers, agents, teams and professionals to display their listings from an MLS.

They also use these types of services to obtain valuations for their properties. So basically, a real estate website needs the facility to have an integrated search engine for the properties available in their locality. Here are the best free IDX plugins that you can use for your WordPress website.

Realtyna Organic IDX Plugin + WPL Real Estate is an ideal plugin to insert your real estate data.

If you are a smart broker, then you should be able to see digital marketing as an approach. You have to adapt every online solution available to make it an effective and effective way to buy and sell your property.  The plugin provides an easy to use property listing with MLS providers in North America. If you have any house property available in this area, this plugin will do wonders for your real estate website.

It works with the WPL platform, another WordPress plugin and data structure that allows you to add,

delete, and even edit the data fields of your assets. You can also use this feature to provide in depth details about your property listings based on your specifications. It has everything you need to build a professional and reliable real estate website with a fully flexible MLS database.

Install this plugin and be assured that your assets will be listed and fully mapped.

Get more from your real estate WordPress themed website using the Showcase IDX Real Estate Search Plugin. The plugin is compatible with various platforms such as mobile, tablet and PC. It provides you with the necessary features for setting up a traditional real estate website designed to lead you. Showcase IDX Real Estate Search is a well-known plugin due to its reliable search engine, features, and user-friendly platform for its consumers.

The purpose of the plugin is to optimize consumer engagement and provide real estate agents or brokers with a fixed MLS database to showcase the various available properties in their area. The plugin also features a powerful and simple to use home search interface. Properties are listed with brief descriptions and displayed in an orderly order, so your users will be able to quickly select the right home. Furthermore, its simplicity will make it easier for your users to search for available real estate properties to navigate through the website.

Estatic Real Estate Plugin has sub-labels and categories to ensure proper listing.

People like to use this IDX plugin for their real estate WordPress website! The simple and elegant design goes well with both mobile and desktop platforms. Estatic Real Estate Plugin helps you to create a real estate website without any unnecessary details. Its goal is to encourage users to explore all of its features with a clean and minimal setup that they can easily reveal. It is a highly recommended plugin for brokers who want to use an easy website with a friendly user interface.

If ever they need to go back and review the property of interest,

the search entries track your users’ previous results to save your search. It also has a wish list feature, in which users can save their top pics. Another factor that attracts users to install this plugin on their website, as it is the reliable online support that comes with it. The plugin is also fully customizable, so feel free to shape its appearance based on your preferences.

List your property nationwide using this plugin

If you want to create a lightweight and flexible real estate WordPress themed website, then you have to use a fast and simple IDX plugin for quick load time. The Rover IDX plugin is designed to focus on innovative methods to ensure that your website gets the boost it needs.

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