10 functional Google Drive plugins to use on your site

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A backup drive is undoubtedly required on your website. This will save you the hassle and risk of losing your files. This is also true if you need a lot of documents to use for your page. One more thing, by using plugins we will show that your authorized guests can view files from your Google Drive. dont worry. Leave search and curating for us, and we are going to show you what WordPress Google Drive plugins you should have.

All these plugins are responsive and bug-free,

so you can install and activate them without any worries. One more thing, you only have to follow simple steps to use one of them. Instead of paying a lot of money for your backup drive, you can give them for free. However, you may still want to go for the premium version to save more files.So let’s start now. Be sure to choose one, and it will provide you with a much simpler online experience.

If you need a backup solution, this plugin will be right for you.

More than anything, it eases the way you work. It is one of the highest ranking in WordPress plugins. When anything goes wrong on your website, or when you plan to transfer your website files to another, you can restore your files.

With this plugin, you can backup your cloud files directly to Amazon S3, Google Drive, Update CraftVault, DreamObjects, and more. There are many reasons why you need to do it. It has features that others do not have. For example, it does not just restore, but also backup files.

You don’t need to be worried about anything after being tested with over 1 million websites. This will be one of its most important reliability. Most importantly, you can have a backup schedule to avoid the hassle of having to set it manually.

More than backing up files, this plugin lets specific users access the required data.

It also gives you, as an author, access to documents on your Google Drive. You can set Google files read-only to avoid unnecessary changes from unauthorized individuals.

However, keep in mind that you need to activate and use the Google Apps login plugin before installing this Google Drive Embedded Plugin. You can display different types of files, such as spreadsheets, forms, zips, word docs, and more. It will be possible to use embedded documents, download file links or viewer file links.Although you can use the free version, Premium will give you more features. Additional functionalities are Google Calendar, embed folder, support and one year update.

Make your storage easier by using the Image and Video Gallery plugin

Display your photos and videos from your Google Drive using this plugin. This allows individual visitors to see them. In addition, you can convert files on your website into galleries. You can add your own folders and subfolders to your nested galleries.

What you will like in this plugin is that you do not need to pay for a hosting package for more storage. You can display photos, videos and files on your website directly from your Google Drive. One more thing, images can load faster than any other site hosting. Most importantly, you can bring your backup files to other hosting sites without any problems. You can still hold your recent folders.

This plugin works with shared tools, provides Gutenberg blocks, folder restrictions or authorizations, and more features are available.

Google Drive is one of the most important help provided by Google.

First of all, it requires backup files and other documents, and you can also integrate it into another website using this plugin. If your site has run out of space, then you have a better set up and are active on you.With this plugin, you can store and display unlimited Google Drive folders. In addition, it enables public display of document entry. In addition, you can also have export options for presentations, leaflets and Google Docs. It provides either visual or download options.

It is better to use shortcodes to build the performance of the plugin.

Also remember, create your own API to use in this plugin, so that you can actually make it work. If you need help, you can always count on their customer service.


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