10 Free WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

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The best way for your web page to be viewed on the Internet is to connect it to various social media platforms. No other platform can top Facebook’s online users. By actively posting and communicating with others, you will not miss major opportunities to increase traffic to your website. Always use Facebook social media platform as it is the most popular channel that you can use to make your web page, products and even service interact with your users. It will also help improve your online presence and build a stronger relationship with your audience. Here are the best free Facebook social feed plugins you can use now.

Show your Facebook page posts on your website using this plugin!

Are you tired of the dull and boring Facebook feeds you usually see on the platform? If you are looking for a fully customizable Facebook feed plugin for your WordPress website, this is the one for you. The Smash Balloon is a social feed plugin that features the display of Facebook posts of your users. The plugin optimizes customization capabilities and gives you the freedom to personalize social feeds.

You can also edit it based on the theme of the Facebook page of your choice.

With so many variations to make for your social feed design, the possibilities are endless. The free version of the plugin includes features such as displaying social feeds, videos, public comments, and more.  The interface is also easy to use, with unnecessary coding required to run these features.

Feed Them Social is an amazing Facebook feed plugin for your website!

With countless social platforms, popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintest and YouTube stand out the most. But regardless of the vast amount of free social networking platforms, your users will always be hungry for more. They thirst for social interaction, public attention, and convenient ways to stay updated with the latest trends.

Give your users what they want in a site, and the compatibility of having a connection with various social networking sites, especially Facebook.

To satisfy their hunger they feed them social. As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to create and post social feeds from various social networking sites. With the free version of the plugin, there will be a limit on how many posts, videos and pages for each feed, but you can add as many social feeds as you want to keep your users entertained. It has a simple and responsive user interface that is fully customizable with fonts, sidebars, icons, and even simple animations.

Easily change the format of the Facebook feed from half-width to grid using easy social post feeds!

When you talk about editing your WordPress website, using a plugin that you are completely unfamiliar with can be daunting and confusing. But if you are using Easy Social Post Feed Social Plugin, you will not need to worry about any coding and page loading errors. This plugin has a minimal user interface with a very direct navigation menu. This is the easiest plugin to use for WordPress beginners with no experience when it comes to coding.

The plugin is designed to create custom feeds that you can link to social networking websites.

Those custom feeds can display various photos, videos, and even short audio clips. You can also add photos and video galleries to your feed directly from your users’ Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. The distinguishing feature of the plugin is the design of the social feed. This is similar to a social feed from Facebook, so your users will be familiar with how to navigate through the feed.

A minimal Facebook feed plugin to show your page posts on your WordPress website

Relive the entire Facebook experience by having a Like Box and Social Feed on your website. Your users will always be looking for an interactive social feed that allows them to comment, leave feedback and repost various content on your WordPress website. Well, with Social Likebox and Feed plugin, this would be a possibility. This excellent plugin allows your users to share and post anything from their Facebook accounts.

They can choose to link their accounts directly from their website,

without switching to separate tabs. The plugin includes a dedicated, responsive page, so if some posts on your social feed are entertaining and entertaining, your users can leave positive feedback.

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