10 Free and Functional Customer Portal Plugins

If you want to create a dedicated space where your users will be able to download or upload their own files on their web page, then you have to use plugins with the client portal system.  The best client portals should be able to provide users with optimal security and access when navigating through a web page. You need to make sure that their files are not in contact with any external source. Users should also have the freedom to customize their portal dashboard and view their web page history.

If the purpose of your website is to provide the end user experience,

then this client plugin is what you are looking for. Ultimate Customer Dash by WP Codeus provides you with a variety of features that will create the best customer portal and dashboard.  Colors help contrast important icons, accents and highlights that will help your users identify the content of your page very quickly.

It is suitable for websites that are focused on providing an intuitive and reliable web experience.

The free version of the plugin has a client login page with attractive fonts and interactive buttons. The customizability of the plugin is limited, but you can still configure the customer portal in any way. You can add restrictions for some content that only your customer has access to.

Simple membership plugin allows you to provide a more secure environment for your customers.

Create a portal for your users who are members only for your site. After a successful login, users will be able to access their own personal dashboard and protected content available to them. This plugin is a client-portal-in-the-box that helps you run a fully functional client portal with a subscription feature.

The plugin has a WordPress editor in which you can add pages, posts or forums to your client.

This allows you to create content restrictions and private browsing throughout the portal.  Feel free to personalize the appearance of your portal with a variety of customization options. The plugin also has language support and translation, so there will be no hindrance when it comes to communicating with your client.

Clust has developed its very own client portal plugin which you can now use for free! If you are looking for a great way to provide a user-friendly experience, the Cluster Client Portal plugin has all the neat features you will need to create the right client portal. Clust is an intuitive and reliable plugin for documentation and a client portal system that has now been updated to integrate directly into your WordPress website.

It provides an attractive and attractive design for your dashboard and login page.

Your users will have no problem when they come to your web page to sign up or register to log in. The best way to use Clast is to advertise your services and products on your integrated home page. It is designed to display all the files and content of the user in a manner. Your user will have the option to filter and sort their files and even customize their dashboard.

Even business owners need to create the best web page for their company’s partners and customers.

What better way to do this using a plugin that is best suited for that niche? Clinked is a client portal plugin that was created specifically for businesses. This allows web owners to establish a secure line of communication with their customers. The business industry uses a lot of IT assets and software solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

With Clinked, you get all the important features when managing and sharing your content with a private group.

The plugin provides a collaboration tool that will integrate automatically to your website when using the plugin. You can securely exchange and share files through the WordPress client portal, chat with your customers for inquiries or concerns, and more.


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