10 Easy-to-Use WordPress Editor Plugins

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As a web owner, you need all the freedom while designing your website. Each element has to be in place. Editor plugins have been developed to facilitate web owners to easily edit their website or web page. Having the necessary editor plugin means that you do not need to code every part of your website to make adjustments. Here are the best free WordPress editor plugins that you need to improve your WordPress website.

User role editor

The User Role Editor is perfect in assigning roles to your content team.
Is your WordPress website managed by multiple admits? Or do you have a specific content posted by your authors and need to make some necessary changes but don’t have the authority to do so? Well, this plugin allows you to manage the roles of users of your site. WordPress has a “contributor” role functionality that will enable the authors and contributors of your site to send them write-ups and content to write to you for your review.

Those limited tasks do not include changing some of the graphics that an author wants to see in their posts and slightly altering the content of the post.

But the user role editor plugin gives you an easy to use role management system feature for your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to change the roles and capabilities of the user. You can quickly assign a specific role or perform tasks to your users by just clicking the check-box on your site.

You can easily use the admin menu editor to edit posts and pages

The admin menu editor plugin focuses more on expanding the capabilities of your user login by offering some neat features. If you are a site administrator and you are looking for a way to find out how to edit the site’s dashboard and menus, then this is the plugin for you.

The free version of this plugin gives you the ability to manually edit dashboard menus, rearrange the position of your menu pages,

and show or hide selected content. It is a simple WordPress editor plugin that is more optimized in organizing the elements of your website. Organize your menu with the drag and drop feature. You can hide or show any sensitive content. Everything you hide will be hidden for both administrators and users. The user interface of the plugin is a minimal and simple design. It is very simple and easy to use without any catchy or distracting animations.

This WordPress Editor plugin is best for editing bulk products

Someone always wants to edit things one by one, especially for products. Anyone using the WooCommerce plugin knows that you will have to manually write a description of the product. This means that you have to fill in attributes, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, meta fields, and any important information to publish your product. Repeated typing and adjusting for the same product is a tedious task and tedious process, especially if you have more than a hundred products to publish.

But with the WOOBE WordPress Editor plugin, you can now fill in all the required fields for the description of your products at once. This plugin is a dedicated editor for the WooCommerce plugin designed to edit products in bulk. It has all the necessary functions to ensure that you can sort products and edit them. There is also a display of products that you edited for convenience.

Check out this WordPress editor plugin and edit your product order and more

Now that you have a plugin for your product description, it’s time to give more attention to your checkout field. The WooCommerce plugin has an integrated checkout field, in which the text entry fields are not interchangeable in any way. Most users complain about how confusing and complex the checkout area can be.

Of course, you want your website to provide the optimal user experience and a convenient way for them to check their items.

Well, the checkout field editor, also known as the checkout manager, is the editor plugin that will do the trick. This is a dedicated plugin for the WooCommerce checkout page. This allows you to add a custom field or remove unnecessary text entry fields that you feel have no relation to the products that your consumers will be buying.

Provide your users with the necessary facility to reorder checkout fields as per their choice. If you never liked the setup that you created, there is an option that will reset everything back to its default state.


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